10 Street Facts About Guys and Ladies That Can't Be Denied
1. The guy that knows how to talk to girls and is always seen with girls hanging around him is seen as a leader and highly respected 2. The average looking girls (the 5 & 6s) are at least 7 times more promiscuous than the finest ones (8 & 10s) 3. 9 and 10s are the most loneliest girls as they tend to scare men away with their excessive beauty which translates to these men like she's a dick house. 4. The ones that bang all the time tends to get more pussy. The ones that lack pussy to bang even the small they get is swiftly snatched away from them. You can also find this concept in the holy book 5. No 9 and 10 lady has ever been thought of being single. Most often than not at least 70% are always single and they tend to be more faithful in a relationship than the average ones. 6. The guy that talks the most and seen as the secretary of the group is always the most timid when girls are around. They possess 100% confidence when with boys and a fluctuating 0.1 and 0.2 confidence when a lady is approaching from a mile away 7. The most quietest of the guy in a group is the most creative, devious and most at times the Master of evil plans 8. Girls that make too much noise about sex are the most weakest in bed. Likewise to guys. Most of the quiet ones are bombs 9. The most unserious student in a class/group is always the one with the sharpest memory. A huge percentage of the ones that show off in a class/group are on the average side. 10. The girl/guy you don't like is the one that likes you and keep following you upandan
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